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Be a Wellesley ABC Volunteer

The Wellesley ABC program works because of our incredible network of volunteers throughout the local community. Volunteers support the academic, social and financial needs of the scholars. Join us and learn why so many of your neighbors remain committed to this transformative program year after year!

Please contact us at to discuss your interest.


We strive to have a large pool of drivers available for the girls to assist with their participation in weekday extracurricular activities and weekend outings. Weekday slots are based on the girls’ ever changing schedules and are mostly between Wellesley High School and the ABC House. Weekend drivers are on-call for the following slots: Friday evening, Saturday day, Saturday evening, and Sunday day. Most weekend drives are to the mall, movie theater, or the T. Driving is a great introduction to the girls and the Wellesley ABC program.



Wellesley ABC relies entirely on donations from individuals, businesses, local organizations and foundations in the community for its financial support. A talented, energetic and fun committee welcomes new members to take an active role in planning, executing and promoting various fundraising events. Our two largest sources of financial support are the Spring Gala Event and the Annual Appeal. Other activities have included Boston Marathon Runners, WholeFoods 5% Day, and various sales events at local businesses.



Each Wellesley ABC scholar is assigned an Academic Advisor for the four years that they attend Wellesley High School. They meet at least once a week with the scholar to review their progress in school. Additional meetings may be scheduled to follow up on specific academic needs. An experienced Academic Affairs committee offers support and guidance from freshman year skill building through the college application and financial aid process.



Each Wellesley ABC scholar is assigned a Host Family for the four years they live in Wellesley. The scholars spend one weekend a month at their Host Family’s home participating in the activities of that family. The Host Family’s role is to make the scholar feel like they have a “home away from home”.



Members of this diverse committee support the health and welfare of the scholars during their time in Wellesley. Members coordinate healthcare, manage the upkeep of the ABC House, schedule enrichment outings, organize celebration events, and support the Resident Director.



Volunteers give their time and expertise to administer the program, establish policies and procedures, ensure the financial and legal compliance of the program, maintain relationships with community partners, develop donors, recruit new volunteers, and attend ABC program events.

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