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Annual Appeal

1972 was the year when the first Wellesley A Better Chance (ABC) students began their academic careers at Wellesley High School.  These academically talented young women of color came from educationally under-resourced communities. They went on to college and careers in education, law, public relations, academia and social work, to name a few.

100% of Wellesley ABC graduates go on to four-year colleges and universities

Thanks to the unwavering support of the Wellesley community, each year academically talented young women of color are given “A Better Chance” through enrollment at Wellesley High School. In addition an education, scholars are afforded the housing, tutoring, driving, meals, medical and social-emotional support from Wellesley ABC through its many hard-working volunteers and other supporters.

Donate to Support Educational Opportunity for Young Women of Color


The lives of the Wellesley ABC scholars are changed by their years in the Wellesley community. Our schools, our children and our community are enriched and strengthened by their presence.


In these divisive times, show your support for the values that have made our community unique since Wellesley ABC opened its doors in 1972. 


Donate to Support Racial Diversity in Wellesley Public Schools


Wellesley ABC is nearly 100% supported by Wellesley residents and businesses.  Without your support, there would be no Wellesley ABC. 


To make a gift to the program, please CLICK HERE to visit our donation page. 

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