Applying To Wellesley ABC

Wellesley A Better Chance is a Community School Program (CSP) under the umbrella of A Better Chance, a national non-profit whose mission is to increase substantially the number of well-educated young people of color who are capable of assuming positions of responsibility and leadership in American society. National ABC coordinates the initial application process and refers applicants for consideration to independent day and boarding schools and CSPs.

Wellesley ABC provides an outstanding public college-preparatory education, participation in a residential program, and year-round support to help scholars reach their academic, personal and community-oriented goals. Wellesley High School is a nationally ranked, innovative high school with exceptional music, theater, art, athletic and club activities.

Applicants referred to Wellesley ABC must be in the top ranks of their class, demonstrate academic motivation, and seek meaningful participation in extracurricular activities. In addition, applicants must possess the maturity to leave home, adjust to life in a new community and promote a cohesive residential experience.

How To Apply

1st Step – You must initiate an application through the national A Better Chance organization.


2nd Step – Applications referred by National ABC to Wellesley ABC are thoroughly reviewed by the Selection Committee.


3rd Step – A number of applicants are singled our for phone interviews with one or more members of the committee.


4th Step – The top-ranked applicants will be invited to visit Wellesley ABC for Selection Weekend, generally scheduled in mid-March.


5th Step – Accepted students will be notified by phone about a week following the visit.

Selection Weekend

The goal of this 2-night visit is for both applicants and their families and Wellesley ABC to determine if our program would be a good fit. The applicant and a family member will have the opportunity to meet many members of the ABC community, tour Wellesley High School, meet the principal, attend a class with one of our current scholars, tour the Wellesley ABC House, and meet the Resident Director. There will also be additional interviews and assessments, and the girls will have an overnight visit at the ABC House. Throughout the process we encourage applicants and their parents to ask any questions they may have. It is always a fun, informative and energizing process!

A Day in the Life of a Wellesley ABC Scholar

6:45am           Catch the bus to WHS
7:30am           First class of the day
2:30pm          School day ends
2:30-5:00       Extracurricular Activities 
6:00pm          Family dinner at the ABC House
7:00-9:30       Mandatory Study Hall 
11:00pm        Lights out!

In addition:   

* Weekly meetings with Academic Advisors

* Monthly weekends with Host Families

* House chores on a rotating schedule

Wellesley A Better Chance             396 Washington St., Box 221            Wellesley, MA 02481            Email:

Wellesley A Better Chance             396 Washington St., Box 221            Wellesley, MA 02481            Email: