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Wellesley ABC has provided academically talented and highly motivated young women of color equal access to Wellesley High School, one of the nation’s premier public high schools.

The year was 1972, and thanks to the vision of one amazing Wellesley High School math teacher, two Wellesley College professors who engaged Wellesley houses of worship, the Wellesley Public School administration, many dedicated community members and with the vital support of Wellesley College, the first eight Wellesley ABC students came to live at the Wellesley ABC House and join the Wellesley High School community.


In 1972, the Wellesley ABC program was only the second ABC Community School Program* (CSP) in the nation to provide educational opportunities to girls of color.  Over the years, Wellesley ABC has enabled nearly 100 young women of color to graduate with an outstanding secondary education from Wellesley High School and go on to pursue their academic and professional interests becoming educators, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, academics, and social workers as well as a host of other careers. 


Wellesley ABC is proud of its long history of providing exceptional secondary educational opportunities to academically talented young women of color and appreciates all that the Wellesley ABC volunteers, Wellesley Public Schools, Wellesley College and the Wellesley community as a whole do to support this vital work.

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* An ABC Community School Program (CSP) is a public school based boarding program in which an ABC scholar relocates from his or her home to live during the academic year in a suburban community with an excellent school system. Five to twelve scholars typically reside in a house, supervised by resident directors and tutors, and attend a highly competitive local public high school. These programs are run by a Board of Directors and supported financially by the local community.

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