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Corniellia 2023

Corniellia was born and raised in Newark, NJ. She attended Linden Hall in Lititz, PA for 1 year as a 9th grader. She has a light and bubbly personality that brings joy to all. She has been dancing for 8 years and loves learning dance covers and enjoys watching musicals. In her time studying at Wellesley High School,  Corniellia hopes to become proficient in Mandarin and take courses focused on law.

Host Family: Jane & David Nielson

Academic Advisor: Hope Schroy



Miah 2023

Miah transferred to Wellesley High School for her Sophomore year. Growing up in South River, New Jersey she participated in a number of activities such as dance, cheerleading, and soccer. Miah has also been involved in local drama productions. As an eighth grader working with high schoolers she was able to play the role of Mrs. Potts in her local production of Beauty and the Beast and hopes to expand her knowledge of acting. In the future, Miah anticipates involving herself in a multitude of different clubs and school events.

Host Family: Lisa Siegel & David Stein

Academic Advisor: Betsy Komjathy



Kyara 2024

Kyara comes from Lawrence, Massachusetts. She enjoys visual arts, science, and the performing arts. She was involved in the Youth Development Organization’s summer and after school program, where she took part in many activities in the STEM and arts department.

Host Family: Nancy Joyce & Rene Jarquin

Academic Advisor: Lucia Frenkel



Leah 2024

Leah was born in The Bronx, but grew up in Connecticut. She’s played lacrosse since the third grade and has been swimming since she was two years old. While she is at Wellesley High School, she hopes to continue lacrosse and try: wrestling, football, and softball. In middle school she was on the debate team and hopes to continue debating. When she grows up she hopes to attend Army West Point and after four years of service become an FBI agent.

Host Family: Tammy Feldman & Charlie Purtell

Academic Advisor: Charmaine Hartnett



Janice 2026

Janice is from Lawrence, Massachusetts, where she lives with her parents and two younger sisters.  Playing the violin and learning taekwondo are important pursuits in which Janice has persevered, despite significant interruptions by the COVID pandemic.  She has been playing the violin since third grade and she looks forward to playing it at WHS.  Janice also looks forward to trying new things at WHS and being surrounded by students who want to do well.

Host Family: Katie and Mark Sullivan

Academic Advisor: Patti Bishop



Cortney 2026

Cortney hails from the south side of Chicago.  She is an excellent student and has been learning Spanish on her own since 2018.  She also was a member of the Chicago Children’s Choir and is has been an accomplished artist since fifth grade.  She is traveling far from home to attend WHS and experience a new community of learning.

Host Family: Beanie and Drew Spangler

Academic Advisor: Elizabeth Smith

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