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Capital CamPaign:

A Home Of Our Own

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A Home Of Our Own capital campaign raised the funds to allow Wellesley A Better Chance to own its own future.  For 48 years Wellesley College generously provided housing for our scholars.  We have now grown our own roots.  Our vision was to purchase a home in Wellesley that will allow Wellesley ABC to grow our program and meet the needs of scholars for years to come. We have now achieved that with our new house and we couldn't be more excited!


We have found A Home Of Our Own!

  • It is bigger than our present house - better fitting the needs of our family of scholars, resident director and resident tutor

  • It is closer to Wellesley High School

  • We moved into our new home Summer 2020!​


Through the generosity of our community we have raised more than 90% of the funds needed to purchase our new home on April 1, 2020.

We still welcome donations to support our new home.

Homeownership is costly.  We welcome any support.

Thank you to all who support us!


Your donation to the A Home Of Our Own Campaign is a gift of education that creates an opportunity of a lifetime for future scholars.
In appreciation of your generosity, a selection of donor recognition opportunities are available at a wide range of giving levels. Gifts may be offered in memory or in recognition of a special person.
To further support our campaign, we ask our supporters to look into corporate matching opportunities in your place of work.
Please contact us to learn learn more.

"I am reminded of how big Wellesley ABC allowed me to dream. Better yet, the program allowed me to raise my expectations. Expectations of what sort of woman I could/should become and what sort of life I was DESERVING of living. Gosh, it just makes me so thankful!"

~ Naomi Miller-Facey

BA Vanderbilt University, MBA Strayer University

A Home of Our Own

Capital Campaign Leadership Team

Sue-Ann Chen & Shelley Harris
Alumnae Outreach Co-Chairs
Mariann Youniss
Catherine Ward
Debora White
Sunny Allen
Jill Creevy
Ingrid Houghton
Ady Balog & Jay McHale
Campaign Co-Chairs
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