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Board of Directors

Jill Adams - Co-Director of Publicity

Stephanie Allred * – Co-Vice President of Student Affairs

Ady Balog – Member at Large

Deb Barnett – Director of Transportation
Wendy Bedrosian* – Vice President of Development

Liz Carpenter - Director of Publicity

Dana ChaffeeCo-Director of Healthcare

Jennifer Colone - Co-Chair Selection Committee 
Beth Falk* – Vice President of Academic Affairs

Heather Garni - Director of Summer Enrichment
Becky Georgenes – Co-Chair Selection Committee & Volunteer Recruitment
Jennifer Griffin* – Co-Vice President of Student Affairs & Events Coordinator

Andra Johnson – Member at Large

Shari Johnson – Co-Director of Healthcare 

Je'Lesia Jones – Member at Large

Jackie Katz – Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Shelley McHale* – Treasurer
Keiya Myles – Member at Large

Beth Perkins – Director of Compliance

Howard Locker*  Secretary
Terri Sevilla – Director of Grant Writing

Catherine Ward* President
Debora White – Director of Alumnae Affairs

*Indicates Executive Committee Member 

Non-Board Positions 

Jill Creevy  House Maintenance 

Phil Landers – House Maintenance 

Joel Lunger  House Maintenance  

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