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Wellesley Hills Junior Women's Club Continues Generous Support to ABC Scholars

From academic support and tutoring to driving Wellesley A Better Chance (ABC) scholars all about town, the Wellesley Hills Junior Women's Club (WHJWC) continues its steadfast support of Wellesley ABC and its mission to provide academically talented and promising students of color from underserved

communities in the Northeast "a better chance" through enrollment at Wellesley High School (WHS).

A generous grant from WHJWC enables Wellesley ABC to arrange for tutors who prepare the six ABC scholars for WHS final exams and Advanced Placement exams. "The study skills helped me to focus more on strategies to achieve academic success throughout my high school career," said WHS junior Jada Gibson.

WHJWC volunteers also provide countless hours of driving for the six ABC students who live together under the watchful eye of House Director Mbaira Maorongarti in downtown Wellesley. Each ABC student engages fully with the academic, extracurricular and social opportunities that being a Wellesley High School student presents - but since the students come from other New England towns, they cannot rely on their parents or guardians for in-town transportation.

That's where the WHJWC volunteer drivers come in. Each week, a veritable

army of volunteers coordinates their driving time so that carpools and connections are made that enable the ABC scholars to weave seamlessly into the fabric of Wellesley High School life.

"Our volunteer driving force increases the students' freedom to participate in after school activities and sports just as the other kids attending WHS," said Wellesley ABC Driving Coordinator Catherine Ward. "It is very important that these girls feel a part of the WHS / Wellesley community to foster their academic and individual growth."

Wellesley ABC is delighted to acknowledge the continued support of WHJWC. "Inside and outside the classroom, WHJWC volunteers support our ABC scholars every single day," said Wellesley ABC Co-president Sunny Allen. "We appreciate their commitment."

If you'd like to volunteer and/or drive for Wellesley ABC, contact

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